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The School of Heart 

mit Shai Tubali

 A Journey into the secrets and powers of the Invincible Heart 

  • Learn how to leave your heart always open and full - we do not really need to “close” our heart sometimes or feel the sense of emptiness inside it. The Heart Chakra can teach us how to fearlessly do that.

  • Become invincible, strong and unbreakable, thanks to the love and compassion in your heart. Often it seems like love is a weaker position in the world, while the Heart tells us that this is actually a way to become the strongest.


  • Know without a doubt the meaning of human life and the purpose of your unique soul.

  • Genuinely mature your emotions - from sadness, loneliness, disappointment, fear, of abandonment and rejection, grudge and attachment, into love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, trust and faith.

  • Usually we don’t know how to deeply change our emotional system, and sometimes, in our frustration, we even think that this is impossible, but the Heart Chakra offers a true maturation process.  

Video: Does the heart need protection?

  • Does our Heart really need to be protected?

  • Does it always have to shift from closing to opening and the other way around?

  • Is it doomed to experiencing the play of opposites of trust and suspicion, grudge and forgiveness, self-love and self-hatred?  

  • Are great hearts like Gandhi’s and Mother Teresa’s rare and unachievable to us? Did they know some secret key that we too could reach?



The school is held in English- for those who need with an additional german translation


 Chiro-Yoga Berlin

Drakestrasse 42, 12005

and online through Livestream 


2017: November: 11-12.11 + December: 16-17.12 

      2018: January: 20-21.1 + February:17-18.2

March: 17-18.3  + April:14-15.4 

 May:12-13.5 +June: 16-17.6



Sat. & Sun. 10:30 - 18:30 

Videos / Streaming:
All weekends are recorded with an HD camera and are available through Livestream and as video afterwards

The Structur

The school consists of three major parts:


The world of the Heart Chakra:

The cosmic essence of the Heart, the search of the Heart, stages of development (closeness/openness, emptiness/fullness), the nature of the emotional center, an overview of the Heart principle (in history, science, mysticism like Yoga, Kabbalah, and Christianity), the Heart Chakra in relation to other Chakras, the Heart as the center of motive and choice, the human Heart and the spiritual Heart, the upper and lower Heart, the heart as the center of direct knowing. This is a more theoretical part with perhaps some thought-experiments.



How to balance the Heart Chakra: 

Qualities and approaches. This is the most practical part of the school, guiding how to keep the heart forever open, how to mature the emotional center, how to forgive deeply, how to be forgiven, how to experience strength through unconditional love, how to overcome traumas of abandonment and disappointment and learn to trust, how to overcome dependency, how to love ourselves, how to truly receive and to truly give, how to find our soul’s call and mission and to use meaning-finding as a form of therapy, how to heal ourselves and others, how to cultivate faith and prayer, how to purify our heart, how to allow true intimacy, how to allow the flow of pain for the sake of true Heart-opening. Including a questionnaire of imbalance/balance.    


Higher potentials of the Heart Chakra:

The Universal Heart, Love beyond the self, the meaning of human existence, the spiritual path of the heart, the real experience of unity, the path of selfless service, divine grace, the human soul, famous figures who demonstrated astounding heart capacities and historical stories that proved the “Heroism of the Heart”, the Heart Chakra personality type, the Heart Chakra and the Kundalini process, the secret of Christ Consciousness, the responsible Heart, the Heart as the key to world-transformation. This part will also include some practices. Including a questionnaire of “Are you a Heart Chakra type?” ​

A unique journey through 8 weekens

Learn how to fulfill the ultimate potential of your heart

in 7 steps 

First weekend: In this invaluable weekend you will be introduced to the hidden “anatomy”of your heart: its nature and structure, capacities and qualities, modes of activity and levels of functioning.


Second weekend: The first step of the healing of the heart is learning how to fully embrace and tenderly contain the first “other” in your life. This first step is necessary for you to be able to learn how to receive and give properly. 


Third weekend: The second step of healing of the heart is to learn how to work with your primal emotions such as dependency and need, expectation, disappointment and rejection. What is the way to achieving a whole and emotionally mature heart?


Fourth weekend: The third step is outgrowing the habit of constant closing and opening your heart. Getting to know the real size of your heart makes it possible for you to keep it open, soft and loving in all conditions. 


Fifth weekend: The fourth step is to trust that vulnerability is a source of strength, not weakness. You learn that your heart needs no protection and that it as a fearless and heroic presence in you. 


Sixth weekend:The fifth step is to learn to drop all sense of isolation and loneliness by awakening the merging impulse in you. You find out that the “other” is a gate through which you discover profound intimacy and connectedness.   


Seventh weekend: The sixth step is to fill your heart with knowing, meaning and purpose. You can discover the heart as a driving force that directs you to your true role in this life. 

Aight weekend: The seventh and last step is to realize that your heart is a universal heart. You get to know your heart as a spiritual path to ego-transcendence and “Christ Consciousness”.   

Video: The source of human greatness

Cost: 8 weekends: 1600 Euro 
Early Bird Price: 1500 Euro until the 15.9.

Kann be paid in 3-8 part-payments
Who pays all at once receives an additional discount of 50 Euro