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Silent Retreat 

with Shai Tubali

The universe in You

Silent retreats with Shai Tubali are a unique opportunity for an irreversible spiritual awakening.


Many people experience moments of profound spiritual awakening during Satsang or other encounters with spiritual wisdom and frequencies.


Quick and explosive as such initial awakening may be, more often than not they tend to fade away. This is largely due to the secular and ego-centric environments we live in, and the fact that we are heavily exposed to constant external stimuli and influence. Under such circumstances, it’s very hard to maintain the sufficient spiritual focus that we need in order to turn glimpses into truth and into a permanent reality.


Shai Tubali has guided countless retreats and seminars during the last 17 years in India, Israel and Germany. During his silence retreats, he creates a powerful field of awakening and self-transcendence. In an atmosphere of deep silence and depth, people are easily drawn to leave their “worldly” self behind, in order to devote themselves to their deepest self.


What remains when all relationships, all worldly concerns, all possible influences and external interaction fall away and only you and silence remain? You know the answer when you choose to let go and enter the unexplored mystery within yourself. A silence retreat gives you the chance to finally venture into the universe within.


The retreat takes place surrounded by beautiful nature. There will be two satsangs every day, yoga and pranayama practices, meditation, self-inquiry, associative writing, music and chanting.


Since a silent retreat is like a fast from the world, typically you will experience an initial phase of inner cleansing of mental and emotional habits, inner conflicts, memories and worries about the future. We leave the past and time behind and enter a space in which nothing remains except for the one truth that could never fade away.


In the second phase, after the initial cleansing, you are uniting with your innermost being and growing trust and confidence in your capacity to embody truth and freedom. In this phase, new insights and visions often appear.


When the mind is silent and in a mode of listening, your inner voice awakens and a new sense of intimacy with yourself arises.


From a state of complete independency, wakefulness and clarity, a new state of consciousness and perception comes into being. This is the time when a lasting shift in identity can appear and literally change us forever.


In the last phase of the retreat, we consciously prepare ourselves to re-enter the world from this state of total freedom and maintain it in our daily lives while we play our role in the world.


Shai Tubali believes that dedicating oneself fully to a silent retreat can be as powerful as a rebirth. You are reborn into a new state of awareness and spiritual strength. Whoever is determined to encounter himself fully, and is willing to temporarily leave the world behind, will not come out as the same person that entered the retreat.


Join us for a life-changing experience. 


Seminarzentrum Gut Helmeringen

Helmeringer Weg 43

89415 Lauingen/ Donau


This beautiful seminar house is equipped with comfortable rooms and a large variety of options from a single apartment to camp grounds. It is easy to reach from Nürnberg, München, and Stuttgart with a flight or train connection.  

Summer 2017 

19. - 25. August 


Gut Helmeringen 

 Lauingen (Donau) - Bayern

Natur - Silence - Completness


              Singe room: 852                 

Double room: 752- 842     

3 Person room: 752 - 830    

4 Person room: 720   

Dormitory: 710

Camping: 662

The price includes the retreat program, accommodation and three tasty vegan meals per day. Dinner will be served on the first evening, and breakfast and lunch on the last day.

Begin: 19.8.2017 18:00 (Arrival is possible from 16:00 Uhr) until 25.8.2017 14:00

The payment can take place in installment 

The early bird includes a pre-payment of 100 Euros.