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What is the meaning of my life?

A practical seminar 

with Positive Psychologist Dr. Itai Ivtzan and spiritual teacher Shai Tubali


Meaning in life - a key psychological and spiritual factor to authentic happiness



For a long time the relevance of meaning in life to psychological health had been in question among psychologists. Since “meaning” had seemed more like a theological and philosophical idea, it had not been even regarded as a psychological concern.

Indeed, most probably we cannot be certain about life’s absolute meaning. However, as soon as we change the question into “What is the meaning of my life?” - as Positive Psychologists did - suddenly “meaning” becomes intimately relevant and adding it to therapy and self-empowerment becomes highly effective.

Thus, finding and defining personal meaning in life has been steadily realized, through scientific research and clinical practice, as one of the most significant keys to emotional fulfillment and happiness - and the field of Positive Psychology has fully embraced it as a core search and resolution in people’s lives.


Two types of people

“He who has a Why to live for can bear almost any How.”- Nietzsche. 


We could think of humanity as divided, roughly speaking, into two groups: those who wake up in the morning fully knowing WHY they woke up and what for, and those who have no answer to these questions.  The growing evidence in research shows that the differences in levels of wellbeing between these two types are drastic. The first group shows higher levels happiness, hope, passion, vitality, and compassion. This means that connecting to your meaning bears tremendous implications on your levels of psychological wellbeing. 


An intensive seminar to help you realize your meaning  


In this two-day seminar you will be guided through a practical journey into the meaning of your life - using the best of Positive Psychology and the power of spiritual transformation. The purpose of our journey: realizing the life-changing effect of holding a clear and fully conscious meaning within your heart,mind, and soul.

Here are the subjects you will learn and practice throughout this weekend:

  • How to make sense of your life-journey: realizing the meaning of all your life’s events. As soon as you find such meaning, it becomes easier to embrace the difficulties you experience in life.

  • How to stop searching for happiness and start looking for meaning: often searching for happiness includes avoiding difficulties, while meaning can make you find beauty and significance even in your frustrations and obstacles.

  • How to find the meaning of present moment: looking into this each and every moment through mindfulness, thereby utilising and deep sense of meaning in your everyday life.

  • How to find your purpose of life: realizing the meaning ahead – which choices in life would enable you to move deeper into your personal meaning.

  • How finding meaning can heal you: adding meaning to traditional therapy. 


Beyond personal and psychological meaning

During our seminar, we engage with meaning not only from a psychological point of view, but from a spiritual one as well. Spiritual self-transcendence takes us far beyond the ordinary psychological and personal worldview. As a result of such a shift, we lose the personal point of view and ask anew the question of meaning. Here we enter deeper levels of meaning which we can find only in our soul and in the universal existence: 

  • What is the soul-meaning of our life - the one that has been encoded within us even before entering our mother’s womb? Why did our soul choose to come here to this particular life? What was the meaning it wished to manifest through this life? 

  • Bringing the meaning from within to the world outside: how can we give the right expression of our spiritual experience and deepest soul-meaning in our actual personality and daily life.

  • How can we connect the deepest meditative states to our human life and personality. 


The structure

  • Full Saturday and Sunday, from 10:30 to 18:30.

  • The seminar will include writing practices, practices in pairs, guided meditations which connect meditation and meaning, and emotional processes.