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How not to get sick

A course with Shai Tubali, Dr. Nir Brosh and Jan Müller

Mastering the energetic dynamics behind illness and physical problems

  • Can our body reach a state in which it will never be sick again?

  • How do we stop diseases already at their energetic starting point?

  • What is the secret language of psychosomatic disorders?

  • How to create supreme health in body & mind in daily life?

Our center offers a course of a comprehensive holistic health and well being approach that follows an energetic point of view. We believe that what happens in the chakras through subtle energetic processes actually causes diseases. The course is based on the understanding that changes that take place in our consciousness and our life force precede physical changes and imbalances. It always starts on the energetic level, while our body is like a mirror that reflects back the subtle processes that take place deep within us.

The course shows the energetic patterns of illness and diseases and teaches you how to maintain a stable state of health, through enhancing and balancing the flow of life force and energy within you. We will be using techniques and insights from various fields:

-           Chakra knowledge

-           Mind Body medicine

-           Homeopathy

-           Chiropractic


-           Expansions

-           Meditation


And many more!

In the Course you will learn about:

Chakras and specific connections to diseases

       How to reflect chakras and analyze their energetic state

How to communicate with the subconscious levels of the body

Chakra breathing- a wonderful tool for charging your energetic system

Chakra nutrition- a nutrition that supports various energetic needs

Chakra expansion- a wonderful meditation technique

          Nutrition for an ultimate state of well being and health

     The principles of Mind Body medicine and how you can use them in your life

       Homeopathy- learn how to unveil hidden mind-body connections and release them

-           How our body reacts to mental and emotional impressions

        Body-mind-connections in health and disease

     Leading a disease-preventing-lifestyle


The nervous system and it’s crucial role in balance and health

-         The anatomy of the subtle body, physical body and energetic body as keys to sustain a higher state of vitality and better stamina




10.1 & 24.1

7.2 & 21.2

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4.4 & 18.4

2.5 & 16.5

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Wed. 19:00 - 22:00 


 Chiro-Yoga Berlin

Drakestrasse 42, 12005

and online through Livestream 


The school is held in English- for those who need with an additional German translation

Videos / Streaming:

All lessons are recorded with an HD camera and are available through Livestream and as video afterwards

Cost: 7 months: 600 Euro 
Early Bird Price: 550 Euro until the 30.12

Can be paid in 3-7 part-payments


In this life-changing and revolutionary process of 9 months you will:

  • Understand and recognize your body’s early signs – Truly respond to its needs and keep it in shape while preventing from disease processes to creep in,  and simultaneously enjoying the highest quality of life

  • Become a master of your body and establish a renewed supporting and empowering relationship with it.

  • Understand how your physical, emotional and energetic bodies function, and learn how to bring them to their highest potential

  • Learn how to go back in time to the starting point of your disease and uproot the cause of your discomfort at its very beginning

  • Learn how to reflect your Chakras, recharge, balance and nourish them so you can feel and experience a constant state of vitality and vigor

  • Experience and practice special tools for self-healing. If you are a therapist, these tools could serve you as well in your practice to enhance and support healing processes of your patients

  • Free yourself from Mind-Body diseases (former Psychosomatic) such as : chronic pain, IBS, headache, allergies, skin problems, anxieties, sleeping disorders, depression, gastric problems and more

  • Get valuable information and tips and recommendations to apply in daily life, covering a wide variety of health and well being topics- nutrition, supplements, sleep, sexuality, emotional balance, mental clarity and much more


.Between being truly healthy, and what we call disease, there is a whole spectrum of physical problems that medicine cannot solve or even detect. Sometimes while we might be considered healthy, we still suffer from various symptoms that trouble us and prevent us from enjoying a balanced state of body and mind.

We may even have symptoms that are too embarrassing to tell our doctor about, fearing that we will be mocked at or considered insane. But those symptoms are real, and such is their effect on our lives. Since we feel and experience them even though medicine might not have a name for them yet.

So we might find ourselves resorting to accepting the situation, since we do not even think that it could be changed. But the opposite is true- we should actually not accept a condition in which we are ‘partly well’ or have minor problems that just won’t go away.

In fact, we believe that these are not things that one should accept, but rather aspire to change.

In this course we offer a wholesome method that teaches how to treat all those symptoms before they turn into real diseases. We teach how to regain self mastery over the body through working correctly with it and learning how to listen to its unique language. We teach how to self detect and stop disease processes when they are still comparatively harmless and small. And most importantly, we teach how to do it yourself.

In an 7 month program of intense and profound learning, the dynamics of energetic processes and their close interrelation to health and disease will be taught by 3 experts in the field. Insights from the fields of Chakras and Kundalini, Homeopathy and Chiropractic, Plant Medicine, meditation, Mind Body Medicine, nutrition and many more, would be translated into an easy-to-use, practical and holistic steps that could be integrated into daily life, enabling a state of restored health, and highly vibrant and nourished mind and body.

Participants will learn how to detect imbalances and correct them through originally developed unique techniques, as well as to realign and heal unresolved issues that are otherwise overlooked

How am I supported?


Exclusive Mastermind Group

24 Months Online Access
All the lessons will be recorded and be available online exclusively for participants. You can watch them again wherever and whenever you want to deepen your transformative experience.

Unique Recommendations for practice
Every lesson you will get a set of new exercises to support the process of learning how to listen to your body and change your life style to a healthy one in an optimal way

Q&A Sessions
Each of the lessons includes Q&A Sessions, where questions can be asked and will be answered directly by the teachers. The answers are recorded on video so that you have access to them whenever you need. For on-line participants, the options to ask questions during the lesson is open.

Exclusive Facebook Mastermind
Private and direct communication to Shai Tubalis’ Team

Exchange with other participants
Exchange and interact with the other participants for maximum learning



About the leaders of the course

Shai Tubali-

Shai Tubali is a highly active spiritual teacher has guided thousands of people through seminars, lectures, courses, schools and retreats in Europe, Israel, and India in the last 16 years. As well as an author of 21 books in the subjects of philosophy, psychology, and of course spiritual transformation and self-development methods. He is the developer of several methods of spiritual therapy and awakening. Among them: the “White Light Expansion” and “Power Psychology”.

Shai defines his spiritual teaching as a teaching of meaning. One that put at the center the universal meaning and purpose of human life


Jan Müller

Jan Müller is a Chiropractor, Physiotherapist and Heilpraktiker. He completed the university studies of Chiropractic at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in the UK and was rewarded the title Master of Chiropractic. In Germany he is one of 150 active Chiropractors, belongs to the German Chiropractic association and treated in his 6 years of experience, more than two thousand patients. For two years he is working in own practice, where he is concerned with pain syndromes, mechanical imbalances, nervous system conditions and the connection between the body, psyche and the energetics.

In his research he concentrates on the nervous system as a half material and half energetic structure that runs our body and being. Bringing together knowledge of the energetic structure from the yogic tradition and western medical knowledge, he develops a unique understanding of the complexity of humans and their health.


Nir Brosh

Dr. Nir Brosh is a medical doctor and general practitioner since 2006. He is a certified Classical Homeopath and accredited as a Heilpraktitioner in Berlin Germany and holds vast knowledge in natural as well as herbal medicine. He runs two clinics in Berlin Germany and Tel-Aviv Israel, in which he offers treatments to patients from all walks of life, who suffer from various medical problems. He specializes in treating chronic and recurrent pain sydromes using a unique Mind-Body approach to healing. He lectures regularly in the Ministry of Education in Israel, where he teaches courses in topics of brain research and education, and he is a wanted lecturer in topics of holistic health and mind-body medicine.