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A circle  

For Enlightened Communication with Shai Tubali

Join an experience that will develop your mind and open your heart through the dialog with others.


We spend so much time communicating or struggling to communicate  with others about our thoughts, emotions, needs and many times demands.But is that the real role of dialogue between people?

What will happen when we communicate not about our personal feelings but from  high states of consciousness?

Then we might feel an amazing and nourishing experience of unity in spirit, heart, and mind.

Actually there is a huge potential of communication that wishes to be awaken and transform us-together


A  shared experience that is about unity, developing new levels of intelligence and sharing a deep level of meditation- this

is the heart of the Circle of Enlightened Communication that was developed by Shai Tubali.






In this Sunday event, we will practice in a wide circle and in smaller ones, a special form of enlightened communication that can:

  • Enable you to experience together in a circle, states of enlightenment and in the same time communicate in a new way. 

  • Bring your dialog with others into a high and new potential of communication.

  • Develop your brian and expand it`s ability to be in a deep meditative state


Date: 23.7

Time: 16:00-20:00

Venue: Chiro-Yoga,

Drakestr 42, 12205, Berlin

Costs: 45 Euro